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Welcome to our friendly, Indian restaurant in Pendle Hill, right in the heart of Sydney. We're all about bringing authentic Indianvdishes to your table, with a special focus on taste, tradition, and health. We believe that good food is all about freshness and nutrition. That's why every dish is made from scratch, right when you order. This way, we make sure that what you're eating isn't just tasty, but also fresh and good for you. But we don't stop at great food. We want to make sure you feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment you step in.

Our team is dedicated to giving you the best service, making you feel at home. And when it comes to serving the food, we do it with style. Every dish comes to your table looking like something out of a five-star restaurant, because we believe that good food should also be a feast for the eyes. So, come on in and try our fresh, healthy, and tasty Indian dishes. We're excited to serve you!


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